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Program Overview

MonthTopicActivityCourse Details
Mar Apr 19Mental HealthToolbox talk 1 - Raising AwarenessToolbox Talk 1 - Onsite - raising awareness about depression and suicide in the workplace, reducing the stigma around mental health, what to look for - signs to be aware of for yourself and others, relationship between the workplace and mental health, personal risk factors - injury, pain, stress etc.
Mental HealthDelivery of Information packDelivery of information pack - mental health organisations, quick reference sheet” where can I access help”
Mental HealthToolbox Talk 2 - Starting the conversationToolbox Talk 2 – Off site - How to start the conversation about mental health
Mental HealthPersonalised Mental Health Exercise PlanInvitation to attend Rural Fit - personalised exercise program for you and your family
Inbody Scan - Invitation for anyone interested to attend Ruralfit at the Gunnedah or Tamworth clinic for an Inbody Scan and interpretation guide - http://inbody.net.au/how-does-it-work/
May June 19Physical Activity for Mental WellnessToolbox Talk # 1 Exercise as MedicineToolbox Talk 1 - Onsite - Effect of exercise on mental health – how to use exercise as a form of medicine (injuries/pain/ health conditions/ mental health), are you getting enough exercise, mindfulness in your life, incidental exercise – what is incidental exercise how to become a more active family.
Physical Activity for Mental WellnessPersonalised Exercise Program
Inbody scan
Invitation to attend Rural Fit - personalised exercise programs for you and you family
Inbody Scan - Invitation for anyone interested to attend Ruralfit at the Gunnedah or Tamworth clinic for an Inbody Scan and interpretation guide - http://inbody.net.au/how-does-it-work/
Physical Activity for Mental WellnessDelivery of Information packDelivery of Information Pack - Will include an activity diary, 1 month exercise program
Physical Activity for Mental WellnessToolbox talk # 2 - Exercise for pain managementTalk 2 – Offsite - Exercise for pain management, how to use exercise to manage your pain (acute and chronic), prevent injury, how to use the tools provided in the pack.
July Aug 19Nutrition for Mental WellbeingToolbox talk 1 - 5 Principles of healthy eatingToolbox talk 1- Onsite -The 5 Principles of healthy eating - appropriate energy intake, appropriate energy distribution, appropriate energy contribution, adequate volume of food and enjoyment of food.
Nutrition for Mental WellbeingDelivery of Information packDelivery of Information pack - will include a booklet containing common This = That meals, Card with Calculation for BMR, Basic 7-day meal plan, One pg. fact sheet on meal preparation tips – great for shift work.
Nutrition for Mental WellbeingToolbox talk 2 - Nutrition for Mental WellbeingTalk 2 – Offsite - Nutrition for mental health wellbeing, how to fuel my body correctly, effect of eating and nutrition on fatigue management, relationship between obesity and depression.
Nutrition for Mental WellbeingThis = That book demonstrationThis = That demonstration - offsite - education session on portion control and how to create a calorie balanced meal, how to calculate my BMR and learn how to track calories.
Sept Oct 19Medication/ Pain ManagementToolbox Talk 1 - Effect of medication on mental healthToolbox talk 1 – Onsite - Effect of common drugs on one’s mental health, risks of combining different drugs, effect of mixing alcohol with common drugs, risks of operating under the influence. How pain works?
Medication/ Pain ManagementDelivery of Information packDelivery of information pack - Will include a pamphlet containing high risk medication combinations, pamphlet containing non-medication pain management techniques
Medication/ Pain ManagementToolbox talk 2 - Alternatives to medication, pain management techniquesTalk 2 – Offsite - Alternatives for medication for pain management, physical activity (walking, flexibility mobility), mindfulness, Education on how pain works, comfort therapies.
Medication/ Pain ManagementPain Management Exercise sessionPain management Exercise session - Exercise session delivered in Tamworth and Gunnedah Rural Fit clinics focusing on delivery of trigger point release and flexibility exercises aimed at improving mobility, pain management and injury prevention, with take home exercise sheet provided on the day.
Nov Dec 19Sleep ManagementToolbox Talk - Effect of sleep deprivation on mental healthToolbox Talk 1 - Onsite- how much sleep do we need, how much is too much, sleep deprivation and its risks (micro sleeps), understanding sleep, circadian rhythm, effect of sleep on one’s mental health, effect of alcohol on sleep quality, common medications that can cause sleeping problems.
Sleep ManagementDelivery of Information packDelivery of information pack - pamphlet containing tips for a good night’s sleep, pamphlet containing how to adapt for shift work
Sleep ManagementTalk at Rural Fit - adapting to shift work sleep patternsTalk 2- Offsite- Rural Fit Gunnedah/ Tamworth clinic - talking about ways to adapt shift, how to improve sleep quality, option of setting up sleep quality measuring apps
Feb Mar 20Skin HealthToolbox Talk - My Skin healthToolbox talk 1 – Onsite - What is skin cancer, what to look for, how do I check my own skin, how to best monitor my skin changes, how to protect myself
Skin HealthDelivery of Information pack on siteDelivery of information pack - Cancer council, how to check my own skin pamphlet, cancer council protection packs.
Skin HealthSkin check Available at Ruralfit ClinicSkin Check - invitation to book to have skin checked by GP at Ruralfit clinic by appointment
Financial Health CheckToolbox talk - My Financial HealthToolbox Talk 1 - What is financial stress, basic budgeting, managing my dept, how do I consolidate my credit cards, navigating my Super
Financial Health CheckDelivery of Information pack on site Delivery of Information Pack - budgeting cheat sheet, apps that help with budgeting, influential book list.
Financial Health CheckSuper assessment consultation at Ruralfit Super assessment - Invitation to attend Rural Fit for a short face to face consultation with a financial advisor to assess your Super health by appointment